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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is cutting international cooperation

MIDDLE EAST: What significance does it have that the authorities have cut cultural support for a number of Norwegian actors working internationally? For example, Kirkelig Kulturverksted i Midtøsten?

A late hippie confessions

STREET NEWSPAPER: MODERN TIMES prints one of the essays in a new book about Gateavisa. Here is a reflection on how, in the postmodernist spirit, they had to reinvent themselves as an eighties magazine: In the editorial offices, everyone largely disagreed with everyone on everything from layout to US foreign policy. Here were purple undershirts, jackets from flea markets, scrolls and books about the eco-crisis.

Underground rock in Kabul

Travis Beard: RocKabul

AFGHAN METAL: The story of the emergence of the first Afghan metal band – and the subsequent fall under the weight of an ultra-conservative society.

Day and night in Ukraine: two brief discoveries

Tobias Zielony / Anna Jermolaewas: Maskirovka / Leninopad

: Two of the most distinctive and remarkable premiere films in Rotterdam concerned Ukraine. One takes place in very different environments, both pastoral, neutral and urban, while the other is conducted urban.

One woman, three passions 

: helene grimaud

: Pianist, author and animal rights activist Hélène Grimaud is one of those who overshadows many of us. In his own words, an inhuman. On March 10, she will play in Oslo. 

Gaza: If music could muffle the sound of war

"An orchestra today, a state tomorrow," said literary historian and musician Edward Said as he established the Jerusalem Conservatory of Music. Can there be truth in the slogan?

Rock as propaganda

: The Slovenian band Laibach can be read as an ironic commentary on rock's relationship with fascism. However, it is questionable whether the audience reflected on exactly that when the band held North Korea's very first rock concert. 

The drop that hollows the stone

: Laibach is a highly relevant player in Morten Traavik's North Korean project.