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Growth at all costs?

Vaclav Smil: Growth. From Microorganisms to Megacities

CONSUMPTION: Can we continue the current practice of continuous economic growth? Can our own society with over-consumption be transferred to the planet's new billions of future citizens?

Right's green dream

Venkat Sumantran, Charles Fine and David Gonsalvez: Faster, Smarter, Greener. The Future of the Car and Urban Mobility

: In step with climate change and increasing environmental crises, the need for change is recognized. The question is what this implies.

It's good to be kind to yourself and others

Daniel Jackson (foreword by David A. Karp): Portraits of Resilience

: A computer science professor at the elite university MIT suddenly found himself surrounded by depression and suicide. It made him collect portraits of those who almost went to the bottom, but who reappeared.

Žižek at its worst 

Slavoj Žižek: Incontinence of the Void

: Slavoj Žižek's latest book is sometimes illegible – but his use of popular culture is as ingenious as it is repetitive.

Philosophical grins

Marcus Steinweg: The Terror of Evidence

: The Terror of Evidence is a book to smile and be touched by – and to irritate oneself green over.

Clear digital 

Byung Chul-Han: In the Swarm

: Chul-Hans' hatred of the digital age is bombastic and only occasionally interesting. Still, he is easy to like.

Defense for the enigmatic love 

Byung Chul-Han: Agony of Eros

: We should maintain contact with what we do not understand, Byung Chul-Han believes.