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Anyone can make news

Alessandra Renzi: Hacked Transmissions

MEDIA: Do the media maintain social and societal conditions, or are they a tool for change?

A Norwegian in Naples

corona: The piazzas are empty and the pizzerias are closed, but the Neapolitans (above) are alive.

Italy's fifth mafia

Leonardo Palmisano: Ascia nera. La brutal intelligence della mafia nigeriana

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: The Nigerian mafia is smuggling both people and drugs. Threats, violence and voodoo rituals are used to force girls into prostitution.

What about Italy?

: The Italian author Roberto Saviano is sitting directly opposite me, four meters away in a black armchair. In the side scenes hidden behind the curtains, a large man in black stands on either side – with his hands crossed, armed, constantly on the lookout.

Italy's rotten heart

Francesco Patierno: Camorra

: Camorra highlights the many phases in the development of organized crime in southern Italy from the 1960s to the 1990s. How did violence and misery become "normal"?