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Towards a paradigm shift in Norwegian drug policy

Kieran Kolle: The winds of change

DRUG REFORM: Perhaps it is the opponents of the government's drug reform who should watch the documentary The winds of change, which follows three activists from the Association for Human Drug Policy.

Permission for mass murder

Olivier Sarbil, James Jones: On the President's Orders

DRUG WAR: What happens when the perpetrators of state-monopolized violence are not only allowed to kill, but are promised impunity? Then one creates «a legal structure for mass murder».

Consumerism eats its children

Alison Klayman: Take Your Pills

: Being chemically free of emotions, pain and fatigue can be good for your career. As long as it lasts.

A painful catharsis

Sofia Haugan: HUMAN 2018: DAUGHTER (My heart belongs to daddy)

: Sofia Haugan will make an all-night documentary about her father who is a drug addict. But first she must find him.