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A voluntary forced relationship

Isolde Charim: The Torments of Narcissism

PSYCHOLOGY: Is narcissism a social demand on the individual – that we must become more than what we are?

Norway at the top of Europe in nationalism?

CHRONICLE: We constantly hear that Norway is the best country in the world, but it is not necessarily the way it is experienced for the vast majority of Norwegians and people who move here.

Everyone starts life as narcissists

ESSAY: A reaction to the deconstruction of the subject is today a new subjective wave where everyone must rediscover themselves. Should some publishers protect such authors from themselves?

The pursuit of recognition has destructive consequences. Social justice is reduced to psychological problems

: Identity politics is a married child of the narcissistic culture, where violations and rejection are perceived as serious threats to self-worth.

Narcissism and resonance

Martin Altmeyer: Looking for Resonance How to change your soul life in digital modernity

: Martin Altmeyer is tired of criticism of social media and wants to redefine the concept of narcissism. But does he succeed?

Selfie – from selfishness to altruism?

: Smile at your own reflection, and the world waves back.