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“It would is not over. Long live what it would be! ”

Paul Wapner: Is Wildness Over?

The attempt to control nature's wildness locally has created uncontrolled effects globally. Do we have to freeze and sweat more in the future, or is civilization far wilder?

A movie for the big screen

Jan Vardøen: Descent into the Maelstrom

Ambitious portrayal of nature and the people who live and work in Lofoten.

About being attentive and taking the lot of things

CY Frostholm: Træmuseet

Through a conversation with trees, the author of the book becomes clearer about his relationship to loneliness, vulnerability and the grief of the disappearance of things.

Can we recover the Amazon's lung?

Félix Guattari Translated by Christel Pedersen: The three ecologies

Current Brazil looks like Guattari's worst nightmare. His mental revolution also suggests that nature itself comes first.

What place can we give the violence today?

Erland Kiøsterud: The ecology of silence

In autobiographical form, Kiøsterud continues his rethinking of modernity in the era of the eco-crisis. He points to a normalized brutality that most tacitly accepts.

future manufacturing

Elizabeth Grosz: Chaos, territory, art. Deleuze and the Earth Framing

The earth as a whole has been transformed into human territory at the expense of all other forms of life. MODERN TIMES prints here an excerpt of the book Chaos, Territory, Art.

Making the desert green

Jared P. Scott: The Great Green Wall

Musician Inna Modja travels along the 8000 kilometer long route for Africa's ambitious Great Green Wall project, where a wall of trees will extend across the continent.

An eco-anarchist utopia

Cartoonist Alessandro Pignocchi: The recomposition of the moon

ZADISTS: "We are not defending nature. We are the nature that defends itself. "

The little piece of urban nature

Phie Ambo: Genopdagelsen

How can a teaching plan help the emerging person to interact with the world?

Without any idea of ​​the future

Jure Breceljnik, Rozle Bregar: The Last Ice Hunters

The Last Ice Hunters explores the exiled hunting culture of the Inuit far north and its inevitable endings.

Nature calls

Egil Håskjold Larsen: Where to return

We live in a time when nature with increasing violence is getting closer to us. Returning is about surviving in a wild and powerful nature, and what sacrifices this requires.

The climate crisis

Andreas Malm: The Progress of This Storm. Nature and Society in a Warming World

Andreas Malm is a fierce and clear-eyed critic of the environmental destruction of capitalism. Now he is raging against a "reactionary environmental movement" and wants to save the concept of nature to save nature.