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Can the technology revolution bring us out of disability?

ESSAY: Today, the extreme state is different than in the post-war period, when Sartre and Heidegger wrote about anxiety and authenticity. The existential threat today lies primarily in an uncertain planetary future.

A crescendo of anxiety

TATRA MOUNTAINS: The Wind is an evocative portrait of nature's incredible power and its touch of human life.

Climate rebel with unity and lightning glue

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: Is it possible to get something positive out of a recognition that civilization and the globe are about to go down?

Stressed hen with no head

TOMHED: A pseudo-confrontation with the parents' culture turned into meaningless stress. In eleven-September bodies, the young people hide behind enterprising smiles.

The little piece of urban nature

CHILDREN AND NATURE: How can a teaching plan help the emerging person to interact with the world?

guerrilla Dama

FOOD IN THE GARDEN: A new book claims that by cultivating the soil around you, on a slope, in a backyard or in a flower box, you become a more conscious consumer. These are the first steps towards a sustainable food future.

Nature's self-regulating mechanisms

ECOSYSTEMS: How can human insight into the contexts of nature be managed for the best in the Anthropocene age?

Nature calls

We live in a time when nature with increasing violence is getting closer to us. Returning is about surviving in a wild and powerful nature, and what sacrifices this requires.

Living in the Earth Ecosystem

The notion of nature as the source of harmony is deeply rooted in the ecological movement. Do we now need new stories about our species to survive?

God is a machine

Cia Rinne has made a painful and poetic contribution to understanding the state of the world. 

There remains one philosophical question

- and the answer will determine the further life of the globe.