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Slum dwellers are displaced to accommodate residential complexes and golf clubs

Arnisson Andre Ortega: Neoliberalizing Spaces in the Philippines. Suburbanization, Transnational Migration, and Dispossession Ateneo de Manila

In the Philippines, poor villagers are expelled when luxury neighborhoods are expanded to millions of newly arrived, returning foreign workers.

Leisure employment and citizen profitability

Richard David Precht: Hunter, shepherds, critics. A utopia for the digital society

German philosopher Richard David Precht wants to create a utopia for the digital society where enlightenment and education are at the center.

Communism as entrepreneurship

Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri: Assembly

A revolution today must be about the oppressed having to take power in a new way, not about private property rights and national identity.

The inadequacy of the concept of populism

Eric Fassin: Populism: Le grand resentment

Populism is not a negative response to neoliberalism, but neoliberalism's own instrument, says sociologist Éric Fassin.

Organic dumping

Cathrine Larrère et al .: Read inégalités environnementales

German Ulrich Beck claimed 30 years ago that environmental destruction is democratic in that it affects us all equally. In a new book, this claim is heavily criticized.

Wendy Brown: Undoing the Demos. Neoliberalism's Stealth Revolution

In the future, we must think of "values" rather than "money," states state scientist Wendy Brown.