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New time

MODERN TIMES: Quarterly magazine next!

: It was time to settle the status quo, now in our sixth year for today's MODERN TIMES. Not only is the world changing with a pandemic (see otherwise in the newspaper), but the public has also changed drastically in the last decade.

MODERN TIMES: Journalist seeks truth

11. September: What happened in the Norwegian public when MODERN TIMES wrote about 9/11? See the debate that followed.

New Time continues as before

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Media: When did it become part of the Beware poster to take everything in the worst sense?

Just a human

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When the state gets too powerful (Oslo Freedom Forum)

: Thor Halvorssen has long had a stamp on him as a suspicious liberal. We have interviewed him about dictatorships, his native Venezuela, anarchism and meritocracy – consider for yourself. 

Vital biennial

: It is now two years since the new Ny Tid was established. So where does the road go next?

"Israel is open and pluralistic"

: Ny Tids editor makes erroneous claims about Israel, says ambassador.