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oil Fund

A forgiven, refined and anointed basket boy

Tangen: The financial industry takes control of the Norwegian public.

Permanent state of emergency?

corona: Are the European authorities truthful about how long the measures will last? Because you can not lock in a population for 12-18 months, before a vaccine has been developed?

Trouble in the top too

: The corruption index shows that robust democratic institutions limit the level of corruption in the public sector.

The Oil Fund and the Skancke Committee

: The question of whether the oil fund should be fossil-free is not new. 

Oil – the industry of the past

: Several of the world's politicians and money managers are now turning their backs on the fossil fuel industry for climate reasons. Norwegian politicians talk enthusiastically about Norway having to take its share of global responsibility, but in the Petroleum Fund, investments in the fossil fuel industry seem to continue as before.

Norway lends billions to dictatorships

: Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates bomb hospitals, schools and refugee camps in Yemen – and receive loans from Norway. 

Fear boycott and exclusion of the Oil Fund

: Ethical guidelines for Norwegian lending can mean trouble for the Petroleum Fund.

Western Sahara: does Norway contribute to the occupation?

: While the Sahrawis are fighting for independence in Western Sahara, the Oil Fund continues to have interests in the occupied territories.