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How to live in a world where the very unfolding of life leads to violence?

Erland Kiøsterud: The first words

FICTION: In Kiøsterud's quiet recluse novel, life is weighed against the pain in a quest for reconciliation. Nature remains silent and ambiguous, even when the protagonist tries to step aside with his demands for meaning.

Gonzo interpretation of Surrealism's sorceress

Susanne Christensen: Leonora's journey Author

UNCOMPROMISING: The book about the artist Leonora Carrington is a journey into the jungle of surrealism, a successful escape from the conventional and a fantasy infiltration of the established.

What place can we give the violence today?

Erland Kiøsterud: The ecology of silence

ECOLOGY: In autobiographical form, Kiøsterud continues his reflection on modernity in the age of the eco-crisis. He points to a normalized brutality that most tacitly accept.

Kitsch from Knausgård

Karl Ove Knausgård: The birds under the sky

: EMOTIONS: A horror picture of a suffocating kindness. Is Knausgård now more dangerous than Kierkegaard as a producer of ideology?

From silence we have come, to silence we shall be

Erland Kiøsterud: Revelation

:… And only by silence can we be resurrected. 

Were we unimaginative and pretentious?

Terje Holtet Larsen: Attempt to move at the speed of darkness

: All the short stories remind me, in their own way, that we are all going to die. Holtet Larsen's language is a cultivated language, an advanced language, is language for the sake of language.