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Extreme weather, loss of topsoil, crops and possible resource disputes

CHRONICLE: The Storting election must be a climate election. How about allocating one extra percent of the national budget to climate measures in developing countries?

The oil industry is the root of all evil

Rachel Maddow: Blowout

MONEY AND OIL: If you mix corruption and rogue states with the richest and most destructive industry in the world – the oil industry – the result is an explosive mix.

Norway must say no to contributing militarily in the Gulf of Persia

NO TO USA: The Anti-War Initiative asks the Government to say no to the request from the United States to contribute militarily to the crisis in the Persian Gulf.

Under the Lime Trees

People around the world do not like complicated situations, especially if they make it difficult to distinguish between friends and enemies.

Desoxification of environmental protection

: There was a time when people talked about making climate issues sexy. In Reykjavik, poetry is enough to arouse commitment and consideration.

The consequences of the Norwegian oil adventure

: Looking closer, the Norwegian Petroleum Fund has already been "used up" several times. What can Norway do to save the Oil Fund? And when will the world's central banks' enormous money pressure fall?