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Oil Industry

Who will decide on Norwegian oil?

OIL: Opinion in Norway must now be mobilized to fight to get the revenues from oil extraction from the sources off the Norwegian coast to benefit the population in the country. Now the question of extraction, landing and rationalization must be removed from the experts and become a political question. If it is not traded quickly, the oil will be extracted by foreign companies and further processed by the same groups abroad, where the profit will also end up.

Norway has become a climate political slowdown

Eivind Trædal: The black shift

: Our important public debater Eivind Trædal has written a thorough history book about Norwegian climate policy – and why it is on a wild goose chase.

Oil – the industry of the past

: Several of the world's politicians and money managers are now turning their backs on the fossil fuel industry for climate reasons. Norwegian politicians talk enthusiastically about Norway having to take its share of global responsibility, but in the Petroleum Fund, investments in the fossil fuel industry seem to continue as before.

New report: Conversion is possible but will cost

: Downsizing of the oil industry could mean huge job losses. A new report calculates what the decommissioning of the fossil fuel industry will cost.