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Information totalitarianism

Self Straight?: The companies behind platforms, smartphones and the Internet of Things are constantly tracking all our movements. With a digital footprint, one can determine a person's access to credit, transportation, social services or health care. We lose our individual freedom and autonomy.

With the people as the client

Edward Snowden: Permanent Record (System Error)

SNOWDEN: A spy, traitor or patriot? The answer depends on who you ask.

Social control 4.0

: China's digital social credit system operates with a form of gamified control, which rewards users while scoring points for online and offline behavior. By 2020, the Chinese authorities plan to establish a nationwide system. Western commentators react with disgust, but is our own social media really that much better?

National DNA register under the radar?

: Should blood samples from all newborns be stored forever? This is the proposal from the Ministry of Health and Care Services, which has recently been consulted on.

24/7 surveillance

: Big data is the new gold. Everything from coffee machines to Lego bricks can be equipped with sensors for data collection.

The terrorist campaign against Twin Towers – a gift to the NSA

Friedrich Moser: A Good American

11. September: Overwhelming Corruption at Government Level in the United States and a Global Attack on Democracy: Friedrich Moser's documentary A Good American Serves Important "Alternative Facts".