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Children's digital use

INTERNET: Are we here presented with 224 pages of panic attacks?

The black dove of peace

ORIENTERING: Here we present a unique role model in Norwegian press history.

The surveillance police

SURVEILLANCE: Within the surveillance police, there are approx. 300 people.

Prime Minister Absent registered by the Surveillance Police!

SURVEILLANCE: The Prime Minister shares the fate of surveillance in Norway with 200–400 compatriots. It gets worse, according to the book, "when the surveillance police's archives are apparently made available to NATO".

Information totalitarianism

Self Straight? The companies behind platforms, smartphones and the Internet of Things continuously track all our movements. With a digital footprint, one can determine a person's access to credit, transportation, social services or health care. We lose our individual freedom and autonomy.

With the people as the client

SNOWDEN: A spy, traitor or patriot? The answer depends on who you ask.

Social control 4.0

China's digital social credit system operates with a form of gamified control, which rewards users as they score points for behavior inside and outside the network. Within 2020, Chinese authorities are planning to establish a nationwide system. Western commentators react with disgust, but is our own social media really that much better?

National DNA register under the radar?

Should blood samples from all newborns be stored forever? This is the proposal from the Ministry of Health and Care Services, which has recently been on a hearing.

24/7 surveillance

Big data is the new gold. Everything from coffee machines to lego blocks can be equipped with sensors for data collection.

The terrorist campaign against Twin Towers – a gift to the NSA

September 11st: Overwhelming government-level corruption in the United States and a global attack on democracy: Friedrich Moser's documentary A Good American serves important "alternative facts".