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Parallel life in the West Bank 

Avner Faingulernt: In the Desert: Omar's Dream and Avidan's Dream

: Avner Faingulernt's two film portraits are a reminder that a birthplace can make the difference between heaven and hell.  

When death becomes the last alternative

: In the weekly demonstrations at the Gaza border, thousands of protesters are betting their lives for a better future.

Romance and Racism in Tekoa

Iris Zaki: unsettling

: A "left-wing" Israeli filmmaker spends 30 days in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, in an attempt to get behind the stereotypes. 

End of the peace process?

: The United States has decided to no longer deal with the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a diplomatic body, while Trump threatens to cut all support for the UN aid organization for Palestinian refugees. Now the US Embassy in Israel has moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Is the peace process over?

The struggle for the Palestinian popular memory 

: The ongoing Palestinian return march, which began on March 30 and has gathered tens of thousands of Palestinians, is a message to Israel and the international community that the Palestinians uphold the demand for the right to return to their homeland.

Israel's neurotic state

Michael Burner: In Search of Israel. The History of an Idea

: May 14 this year marks the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the state of Israel. The historian Michael Brenner takes a closer look at the complex and sometimes contradictory basis for its existence.

West of the West Bank

Avshalom Rubin: The Limits of the Land. How the Struggle for the West Bank Shaped the Arab-Israeli Conflict

: The conflict between Israel and Palestine is more difficult to resolve than ever, states Middle East researcher in new book. 

With hope of change

Erika Cohn / Rina Castelnuovo-Hollander and Tamir Elterman: The Judge / Muhi – Generally Temporary

: By portraying a female Sharia judge in the West Bank and a Palestinian boy in an Israeli hospital, respectively, these two documentaries provide insight into some of the challenges Palestinians face. 

"Bloody Oslo"

Mother Loushy and Daniel Sivan: The Oslo Diaries

: What really happened during the secret talks between Israelis and Palestinians in Oslo in the early 90s?

In the backyard of the war

: Although the peace process between Israel and Palestine has stopped, the Palestinians in Nabi Saleh still dream of access to the Mediterranean.

Boycott Israel Movement nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

: The BDS movement takes a new path in the more than 70-year-long conflict between Israel and Palestine. Based on non-violent principles, they try to pressure the occupying power to respect international law, human rights and adopted UN conventions. Should they receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Israel's impossible catch-67

Michael Goodman: Catch 67

: The Israeli historian of ideas Micha Goodman gives a good analysis of why the Israelis no longer see any solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

On the way to a new war on Gaza?

: A hot summer, crisis in Qatar and power rationing in Gaza – about two million people are victims of politics. It goes from bad to worse, and the sound of war can be felt in the distance.

Palestine Mandela

: Marwan Barghouti is seen as a natural candidate for the Palestinian presidency. But right now he is busy going on hunger strike in an Israeli prison.

Bear Bow: Israel and the Arab States

ORIENTERING: To expect a solution or just a will for a solution from the UN, is to indulge in wild wishful thinking.

Surfing against all odds

Philip Gnadt, Mickey Yamine, Germany, 2016: Gaza Surf Club.

: This beautiful documentary takes us to the surfing world of the Gaza Strip and reveals an impressive resilience in a besieged population.