Theater of Cruelty

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Why do we resort to bombs and guns?

WAR: Christopher Blattman's long-term project has been to explore the reasons why conflict between groups and nations erupts into war.

A treacherous saviour

India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's staging of himself has been successful enough to keep him at the helm for years. Arundhati Roy delivers critique. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), founded in 1925, is the role model for Modi's ruling BJP party. The founders were inspired by German and Italian fascism.

The world's best Catholics?

CANADA: With the discovery of children's graves in Canada, the Canadians are arguably making the Irish rank as "the world's best Catholics". Children from First Nations were outright stolen, imprisoned in isolation, forced into a foreign culture, a foreign language, subjected to sexual abuse and general neglect.

United States of America?

Pandemic: How coordinated or in solidarity is Europe really?

The whole world is overwintering in our time

SELF-HELP: With Wintering, Katherine May has projected an alluring, essayistic self-help book on the art of overwintering.

A manifesto for democracy and human rights

REBEL: Joshua Wong started a protest movement against the Chinese authorities, but was refused to stand for election in Hong Kong.

What would Machiavelli do?

China and India are emerging as the new superpowers, and the West must find a new foothold in a moving world

Espionage's personal costs

Javier Marías' writing has a strong anti-authorial nerve that is subtle and without illusions.

Taken by the stream

Marc Elsberg's terrifying bestseller about how electricity terrorism can steer a society is now available in English.