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The whole world is overwintering in our time

Katherine May: Wintering – The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times

SELF-HELP: With Wintering, Katherine May has projected an alluring, essayistic self-help book on the art of overwintering.

A manifesto for democracy and human rights

Joshua Wong and Jason Y.Ng: Unfree Speech: The Threat to Global Democracy and Why We Must Act, Now

REBEL: Joshua Wong started a protest movement against the Chinese authorities, but was refused to stand for election in Hong Kong.

What would Machiavelli do?

Kishore Mahbubani: Has the West Lost It? A Provocation

: Kina og India seiler opp som de nye supermaktene, og Vesten må finne nytt fotfeste i en omrokert verden

Espionage's personal costs

Javier Marias: Berta Island

: Javier Marías’ forfatterskap har en sterk anti-autoriær nerve som er subtil og uten illusjoner.

Taken by the stream

Marc Elsberg: Blackout. Tomorrow Will Be Too Late

: Marc Elsbergs skremmende bestselger om hvordan el-terrorisme kan styrte et samfunn foreligger nå engelsk.