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To start all over again

Hannah Arendt, translator Joachim Wrang: Life of the Mind

Hannah Arendt's age-old work explores thinking, freedom, will and the future. Is there anything thought-provoking about our technologically automated communities?

An internationalism that should not be nationalistic

Antonio Gramsci would have united self-righteousness and internationalism. MODERN TIMES talks to philosopher Diego Fusaro in connection with a new Norwegian release.

future manufacturing

Elizabeth Grosz: Chaos, territory, art. Deleuze and the Earth Framing

The earth as a whole has been transformed into human territory at the expense of all other forms of life. MODERN TIMES prints here an excerpt of the book Chaos, Territory, Art.

Liberal democracy is screwed together so that the whole idea is self-destructive

Adrian Pabst: The Demons of Liberal Democracy Author

DEMOCRACY: According to Adrian Pabst, we are basically going wrong with a wrong view of liberal democracy.

A life of solidarity

The Polish historian, author and Solidarity man Karol Modzelewski was written off as a hopeless romantic in his protests against welfare cuts and the privatization of the industry. As we see the evolution of political change in recent years, his warnings seem prophetic.

To come to the world

Svenja Flaßpöhler, Florian Werner: Coming to the world. Parenting as a Philosophical Adventure

PARENTS: When a child is born, three people come into the world.

Celebration of mankind's diversity

Agnès Varda: Varda by Agnès

The new French wave film pioneer and feminist reflects on his career and conveys a humanistic philosophy of life.

Carl Schmitt – an unpleasant theorist

Carl Schmitt Selection and introduction by Rune Slagstad. (Translated by Øystein Skar): Politics and justice. An anti-liberal theme with variations

Political is not a talk club for the philosopher Carl Schmitt. Rather, it is the action that shows us who we are and who is the enemy.

Ask everything!

Richard Gough Thomas: William Godwin. A Political Life

William Godwin was one of the most important thinkers of his time, but today he is almost forgotten.

Daisaku Ikeda's Peace Proposal for 2019

The world's largest Buddhist peace movement supports the initiative to ban the development and use of autonomous weapons and proposes to establish a group of friends for the ban on nuclear weapons.

An increasingly nihilistic world

Bernard Stiegler: The Neganthropocene

The world is becoming increasingly nihilistic as it becomes increasingly clear that humanity is unable to take care of it. The challenge Bernard Stiegler takes on is to show the way to an alternative anthropology – in practice as well as in theory.

The big thinker is pulled out of the mole bag

Robert Irwin: Ibn Khaldun. An Intellectual Biography

A new biography of the Arab 1300 number historian Ibn Khaldun has recently been published. Is he now getting his renaissance?