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photography exhibition

Skinless exposure

Margreth Olin, Katja Høgset, Espen Wallin: self Portrait

anorexia: shameless uses Lene Marie Fossen's own tormented body as a canvas for grief, pain and longing in her series of self-portraits – relevant both in the documentary self Portrait and in the exhibition Gatekeeper.

The explosive power of the snapshot

Maria Pasenau: Whit Kind Regrets

ABOUT THE PHOTO BOOK: An intense and ambiguous conversation in several layers about the photo book, which with its context premise elevates the snapshot.

The fools in the streets of New York

: Helen Levitt's exhibition shows how life in the streets of New York City in the nineteenth century could be playful and fun – especially for the little ones.

Stories from a shaky welfare state

: Something is rotten in the welfare state of Denmark – yes, in all the Nordic countries, says the photo collective Moment Agency.