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When patriarchy and state violence go hand in hand

DEBT: Women are more vulnerable to aggressive lending methods, high interest rates and fees.

Skin braiding of the tale of modern slavery

THE RESCUE INDUSTRY: It is not only the others who are being exploited. Politicians, trade unionists and philanthropists are falling over each other in the fight against modern slavery.

A truly solidary and subversive feminism – who do you work for?

WORK: "Working under capitalism is devastating to people, you die a little inside every time you go to work for someone else."

Africa and «the brutish museums»

Cultural history: It is necessary to relinquish ownership of colonial loot. The treasures of European museums have been stolen. And what about the Cultural History Museum in Oslo – which is also on the list of museums that have Benin's stolen bronze sculptures?

The age of the platforms

MEDIA: Author Geert Lovink analyzes contemporary use of social media and looks at a possible end to "platform nihilism".

A dangerous transhumanism

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Nick Dyer-Whitford is a ring fox in critical studies of technology and artificial intelligence. He also criticizes luxury communism and the so-called accelerationists.

Dingseveldet – the dupe dites in the online stores

Multiplicity: Can a thing materialism rebuild a collective idea of ​​society?

From the mass party and the TV party to today's digital party

FACEBOOK'S POLITICAL PAGE? The new "digital" parties are experimenting with social media in order to reinvent the party form and eliminate the distance that has arisen between political leaders and the population.

The Ritualization of Racism

DRUG POLICE: In Colombia, the use of violence by both drug cartels and authorities has become somewhat ritualistic.

In the shadow of the caste society

INDIA CONFLICTS: India's major economic growth, under Narendra Modi, has deepened the social differences. The coexistence of the many religious groups

On a tandem bike into the future

Nuclear Weapons: Despite repeated demonstrations, nuclear weapons are still with us, and they are at least as dangerous as before. This book contains what you need to know about the history of nuclear weapons.

Black fog and black tourism

Atomic Race: MODERN TIMES here brings another angle to the same important book, more from a "radical geography".

Ask everything!

Thinker: William Godwin was one of the most important thinkers of his time, but today he is almost forgotten.

The anarchic path is the only right one

REVOLUTION? Initially, the outcry was, says John Holloway, with ideological stance in Zapatism.

Gandhi put into perspective

GANDHI: History professor Talat Ahmet has written a nuanced and thought-provoking biography of Gandhi, with special emphasis on his thoughts on civil disobedience and nonviolent protest.

New borders in Europe

CONTROL: Today's European refugee policy is no longer about respect for free movement but about control.