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Anti-materialism and anti-consumerism

POETRY: The social criticism of poet Angkarn Kalayanapong can be so caustic that he is said to repel Thai readers, where he rages against Western influence, against prostitution, destruction of nature, substandard urban planning, greed and corruption.

"You can end up with the only peace being the graveyard peace."

MODERN TIMES CONVERSATIONS: We talk to the former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, the man who could have become Prime Minister of Great Britain, about current issues – such as military rearmament, Ukraine, Israel, climate justice and work, security, democracy, citizens' councils, and not least a hope for the future.

The primary opening to the world

MUSICAL LIFE: With The Use of the Bodies and What is Philosophy?, Giorgio Agamben returns to his early main interest before the first homo sacer book – namely to being, to language, to thought and the blissful life. It is also about where you are – where you simultaneously discover life (ontology) and how life could be (politics, the happy life).

Touching other realities

Aina Villanger is one of several Norwegian poets recently translated and presented in Poland. How can Norwegian poetry influence and inspire a Polish audience?


Aina Villanger has written a collection of poems that will communicate, in a setting that is intimate and universal at the same time.

The real-life literature

Genuine and personal poetry collection from Eldrid Lunden.

Neruda's love for the earth

Earthly love shows the way to universal care.

Yes. There will be a revolution 

Red epic is an American poet's unsentimental political remix.

What the landscape provides

Nature is in dialogue with the poetry in Karin Haugane's latest collection of poems, where time itself is the most important building block.

The General and the Poet

VIETNAM. The search for meaning in something as meaningless as war will inevitably have to invoke the ability of poetry to form meaning. A documentary that took 30 years to make. And with music by Philip Glass.

Great literature that is getting bigger

Bae Suah's literature has grown with each novel she has published, both in format and importance.

Poetry in Burmese

In conflict-ravaged Myanmar, poetry has been an important tool for dealing with reality. But the road has been short from the writing room to the prison cell.

Monologue for a broken family

The great filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini is regarded by many as an even greater poet. Now his poem is translating into Norwegian.

Star dust and dream

An entirely different side of dangerous Medellin, if you've been watching the Narcos TV series about Pablo Escobar. What can poetry bring to mind in this Latin American metropolis? 

Upstate orphisms

Upstage poems and aphorisms tame a delusional world.