Theater of Cruelty


Fascinating about fascism

iDEOLOGY: Do we know enough about fascism to understand it?

The world's hardest turning point

WAR AND ENVIRONMENT: The military-economic complex is a giant environmental culprit.

"Norway's place is in Europe"

EU: If Europe is to achieve a "Green New Deal" where the environment is taken seriously, we must get past nationalism and damning populism – according to Eva Joly.

From individual participation to authoritarian politics

POLICY: Does technology development destabilize modern democracies? China can be seen as a positive counterpart to the West.

Can Islam be modernized?

REFORM: A thorough presentation and discussion of the work that is being done to reform Islam, in Norway and internationally.

From the mass party and the TV party to today's digital party

FACEBOOK'S POLITICAL PAGE? The new "digital" parties are experimenting with social media in order to reinvent the party form and eliminate the distance that has arisen between political leaders and the population.

An internationalism that should not be nationalistic

populism: Antonio Gramsci would have united self-righteousness and internationalism. MODERN TIMES talks to philosopher Diego Fusaro in connection with a new Norwegian release.

Before you know it, you're a terrorist

TERRORIST LIST: An otherwise uneventful late summer day I received a message in my inbox that I was listed on a Turkish list of alleged terrorists.

The freedom that was won – and lost

WAR IN SYRIA: A filmmaker begins to document a celebration of freedom in Aleppo, but ends up documenting the fatal consequences of this particular dream.

The good old days ”- a time without feminism, migration and globalization

SENFASCISMEN: The notion of constituting an endangered culture goes back to all the different Late Fascist communities

The hidden fascism

FASCISM: Is it possible to live a non-fascist life in a society built on fascist power structures?

The virtual space has become as real a part of the daily lives of millions of people as the purely physical environment

Everyday life: Two card documentaries highlight two different experiences of modern man's everyday life – one is virtual, the other is a little too real.

Can We Learn Something About An American Salary?

MODERN TIMES brings in connection with the summer and the newspaper's head an extract of the book Borgerlønn.

Was he drunk or was she his mistress?


Healthy skepticism about alternative perspectives

Conspiracy Theories: The Internet is teeming with conspiracy theories that can be both a driving force and a tool for political propaganda and suspicion of the opposing party.

Lying and truthfulness