Theater of Cruelty


Herzog: "Facts do not constitute the truth"

HERZOG: The acclaimed German film director Werner Herzog talks about his latest film Meeting Gorbachev and warns against expressing the truth in precise terms.

Touching other realities

Aina Villanger is one of several Norwegian poets recently translated and presented in Poland. How can Norwegian poetry influence and inspire a Polish audience?

What does Michel Houellebecq want?

The controversial author Michel Houellebecq recently released his first book in four years. Will the book give the French farmers the help they need in the fight for their livelihood?

The rise and fall of the feminist

What happens when you end up in a position to actually realize the policy you claim to stand for? Director Viktor Nordenskiöld has been following former Foreign Minister in Sweden, Margot Wallström, for four years.

The letter from hell

A letter hidden in a halloween decoration changes the life of both the Chinese sender and the American recipient. At the same time, it exposes the dividend in the international mass production industry.

The age of the investor and the investor

To be or not to be creditworthy – that is the question in the era of investment capitalism.

Don't kill!

Why the KrF must vote this government out.

Pending Thai new elections

While the sun shines on Thailand's sandy beaches, the political storm is never far away.

The new glue of society

Would a monthly sum from the state to all the community's adults rekindle the sense of community between citizens?

Rune Eraker: Tell the world about us

Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, 14. September 15. January 2019

All-right and the policy of the overtramp

Angela Nagle moans about everything right and explains why the movement has become a success story.

Photography for change

Dorothea Lange and Vanessa Winship's joint exhibition in London show political photography from two very different eras – how much is still the same. 

Left-wing populist air castle

Swedish Göran Greider and Åsa Linderborg present an idealistic project, but ignore both today's economic context and significant historical criticism in their defense work for left-wing populism.

Time, space and revolution

On the other side of the barricades, activists are building a society where they own their own time. 

The Muslim Brotherhood and the West

In her latest book, Martyn Frampton argues that The Muslim Brotherhood is a contradictory organization, but the contradictions are also part of the success it is experiencing.

Children as a participant and audience

Ceres is a film about changing stereotypes and making people think differently.