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political philosophy

An internationalism that should not be nationalistic

POPULISM: Antonio Gramsci would have united autonomy and internationalism. MODERN TIMES talks to the philosopher Diego Fusaro in connection with a new Norwegian release.

Carl Schmitt – an unpleasant theorist

Carl Schmitt Selection and introduction by Rune Slagstad. (Translated by Øystein Skar): Politics and justice. An anti-liberal theme with variations

POLITICAL THEORY: Politics is not a conversation club for the philosopher Carl Schmitt. It is rather the action that shows us who we are and who the enemy is.

The depressive as society's seismograph

Mikkel Krause Frantzen: A future without a future. Depression as a political problem and the alternative narratives of art

: To regain faith in the future and the ability to steer clear of the collapse of the world, we must begin with imagination.

The political potential of the vulnerability

Hannah Arendt: The lawless and the humble

: Arendt's painful text shows us the causes of the spiritual-political crisis of our time.

Marx in dreams

Marshall Berman: Modernism in the Streets A Life and Times in Essays

: Marxist humanism can help people feel at home in history, even when history hurts them. 

About fascism and functionalism

: Is fascism in our time reactionary or hypermodern?

The escape from the common problems

Bauman Zygmunt: Retrotopia

: The recently deceased Zygmunt Bauman is known for his gloomy social diagnoses. Where is the medicine?