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Europe's crisis is philosophical

Roberto Esposito: A Philosophy for Europe

: Europe suffers from a vague crisis: The forces that were to unite us are absent, while the contradictions that were to drive something new are too vague. A philosophical clarification of the disease is needed to prepare for a healthy political struggle. 

Brain research does not meet man as a thinking being

Markus Gabriel: I Am Not a Brain

: Modern brain research today has an undoubted leading star role in recent science and research policy. Markus Gabriel puts a big question mark on this status and position, and shows that there is nothing less than our freedom at stake.

Digital Media: Democratic or Suppressive Political Fighting Instruments?

Natalie Fenton: Digital, Political, Radical

: The English media theorist Natalie Fenton warns against equating social media with democracy.

UN: a reality the world has left

Thomas G. Weiss: Would the World be a better place without the UN?

: We can not do without the UN, but a more creative and efficient organization would be desirable.

Green utopias

Lisa Garforth: Green Utopias: Environmental Hope Before and After Nature

: With a sociological look at the environmental challenges combined with examples taken from fiction and film, interesting horizons are opened in a new British publication.

The big city as exploitation and resistance in the 21st century

Antonio Negri: From the Factory to the Metropolis

: Nostalgic analysis of the big city as subjectification, not politicization, by the Italian political philosopher Antonio Negri.

Life without a safety net

Heinz Bude: Society of fear

: Anxiety has become a private matter and this is dangerous, writes the author Heinz Bude in the Society of Fear – an essayistic gem of a sociology book.

Bloodless blood transfer

Bessma Momani and Mark R. Hibben: What's Wrong With The IMF And How To Fix It.

: When helping countries financially, thoughtfulness and idealism are not enough. One must know the culture of the individual countries, and know where the corruption lies.

A silent form of genocide

Alex De Waal: Mass Starvation. The History and Future of Famine

: Can hunger be eliminated? Today's famines have political causes, says Professor Alex De Waal. He believes famine must be criminalized and that political leaders must be brought to justice. 

Report from the eastern front of the fault steps

Oliver Ramsbotham: When Conflict Resolution Fails

: The most important thing is not to prevent the conflicts themselves, but to remove the violence from them, claims conflict resolution expert Oliver Ramsbotham. 

Joy killer on prescription

Laurent de Sutter: Narcocapitalism. Life in the Age of Anesthesia

: Narcocapitalism is a short story about modern psychotropic drugs, but also a theory about how to gain control over the social body.

Not here, and not anymore

Dmitri Trenin: Should We Fear Russia?

: Russia-Georgia war in 2008 should show that the limit of NATO's expansion to the east has been reached. With the Ukraine crisis in 2013–15, it was overcome.