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presidential election

Russia's problems with the transition of power

Ekaterina Schulmann: The Russian Political System in Transition

NERVOUS ELITE: The Russian elite is preparing for a change of power in 2024. The elite is struggling with declining legitimacy among ordinary people, but so far the people's dissatisfaction is reflected in apathy.

From prosthetic to dictator

Vitaly Man: Putin's Witnesses

: In Putin's Witnesses, we follow Putin's path to power in Russia, and see how early promises of a free press end in full rejection of democratic rules.

A timely "wakeup call" in the United States

Michael Moore: Fahrenheit 11 / 9

: Michael Moore's new documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 depicts the eerie consequences of the Trump era.

Congo is still the heart of darkness

: The unrest is escalating in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where there should have been a presidential election these days. In few places is the crisis of global capitalism more present than here.

The Divine Land

: Hold your nose and vote for Clinton – everything is better than Trump. This seems to be the generally accepted attitude in large parts of the American media landscape. The truth is that Clinton is going to continue a steady course towards a very dangerous world.