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The big thinker is pulled out of the mole bag

Robert Irwin: Ibn Khaldun. An Intellectual Biography

: A new biography of the 1300th century Arab historian Ibn Khaldun has recently been published. Is he now getting his renaissance?

A thought-provoking and certainly probable explanation for the subsequent developments in the Arab world

Fawaz A. Gerges: Making the Arab World. Nasser, Qutb, and the Clash that Shaped the Middle East

: Secularists and Islamists played on the same team before the power-hungry and vain president Nasser sowed enmity and strife, claims a new book.

25 years after the Oslo Agreement

Seth Anziska: Preventing Palestine. A Political History from Camp David to Oslo.

: Eager to bring the Camp David agreement to fruition in 1978 has later made it difficult to meet the Palestinians' desire for an independent state, writes historian Seth Anziska in a new book.

Coercion, murder and prosperity

Lisa Blaydes: State of Repression

: Documents from Saddam Hussein's archives show a completely different Iraq than the current story tells.

The rage of democracy 

Michael G. Hanchard: The Specter of Race. How Discrimination Haunts Western Democracy

: New book examines, among other things, how democratic institutions have supported undemocratic practices such as slavery, discrimination and exclusion.

California Dreaming?

David Vogel: California Greenin '- How Golden State Became and Environmental Leader

: In his new book, Professor David Vogel describes how the state in a number of areas has managed to implement its own regulations to support economic and cultural development and growth.

Israel's neurotic state

Michael Burner: In Search of Israel. The History of an Idea

: May 14 this year marks the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the state of Israel. The historian Michael Brenner takes a closer look at the complex and sometimes contradictory basis for its existence.

bomb engineers

Diego Gambetta and Steffen Hertog: Engineers of Jihad. The Curious Connection between Violent Extremism and Education

: New research sheds light on why some seemingly well-functioning engineers end up as radical Islamists.

When democracy stretches

Seva Gunitsky: Aftershocks: Great Power and Domestic Reforms in the Twentieth Century

: Reforms can give «hegemonic shocks» and create «democratic overexertion». Many states therefore fall back into their pre-democratic state sooner or later.

Heretical philosophy-fun

Steven Nadler and Ben Nadler: Heretics!

: New cartoon gives good representations of some of the wisest minds of early modernity.

The possibilities and impossibilities of globalization

Francois Bourguignon: The Globalization of Inequality

: Globalization evens out the differences between rich and poor worldwide, but increases inequality in each country.