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Is it a national goal to create happy citizens?

Edgar Cabanas, Eva Illouz: Manufacturing Happy Citizens – How the Science and Industry of Happiness Control our Lives

Joy has recently become a large and lucrative business in most of the western world. New book takes a wise assessment of modern society's pursuit of happiness, and concludes that happiness in many cases is illusory.

To fill the void

Jeannette Fischer: Psychoanalyst meets Marina Abramović

PERFORMANCE: Is it possible to get acquainted with the art of Marina Abramović at a psychoanalytic level, where childhood and parents have played a crucial role?

At the price of fetishism

Mankind's pitiful sexual history finds its most conceptual and poetic version in fetish worship.

Night is a light source in man

Aksel Haaning: Jung. A voice from the deep

A better understanding of human nature is needed, since the only real threat that exists is man himself.

Mental health under the Solberg government

Are the government's policies really compatible with their own commitment to better mental health?