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Learning from history

War: What will I do on the day the war is over and Russia is forced back behind the borders that applied before Putin in 2014 first went wild on Ukraine?

The war on our understanding of reality

RUSSIA / UKRAINE: Journalist Anna Politkovskaya warned us against playing with fire. Now we can ask ourselves the question: Are we in the Third World War – or in the Second Cold War? In his study of "not an inch to the east" statements after the fall of the wall, history professor Mary E. Sarotte shows how Ukraine and Europe ended up in war again.

The Mystery of Vladimir Putin

Sergei Guriev, Daniel Treisman: Spin Dictators. The Changing Face of Tyranny in the 21st Century

SPIN DICTATOR: After dictators left their mark on the 20th century with indescribable crimes, it can be difficult to understand how the authoritarian forms of government have made an apparent return in our time.

Eternity policy

Timothy Snyder, translator John Grande: ABOUT UKRAINE (FROM THE ROAD TO FREEDOM). Putin claims the legacy of World War II

UKRAINE: What is the influence of the philosopher Ivan Ilyin on Putin's politics? Today, information warfare is at least as important as military warfare.

Competence or arrogance?

RUSSIA: The Russian thinkers Aleksandr Dugin, Ivan Iljin and Lev Gumiljov shape the spiritual-political climate in Russia in different ways. Dugin is often claimed to be one of the ideologues behind Russia's attack on Ukraine. Is that an exaggeration?

The warlike mindset

UKRAINE: What is it about our modern way of life that promotes such hostility and military-technological "solutions"?

Russia without Putin

Tony Wood: Russia Without Putin: Money, Power and the Myths of the Cold War

RUSSIA: One day Putin will leave the Kremlin – but that will not change anything, writes Tony Wood in his book on power and continuity in today's Russia, where he attacks several well-known myths.

The Church and the military

Dmitry Adamsky: Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy. Religion, Politics, and Strategy

RUSSIA: Did the annexation of Crimea really come from religious circles? Membership of the Russian Orthodox Church promotes military careers.

After the EU elections: Europe – what now?

GREEN CHOICE: In the future, border control, defense policy and climate will be some of the most important tasks for the European Parliament, which has now been filled by representatives of the Greens.

About Donald, Vladimir and…

Timothy Snyder: The Road to Unfreedom

: Timothy Snyder is convincing in his explanation of how our worldview has been replaced by a "national understanding".

Putin as a rescuer

Chris Miller: Putinomics: Power and Money in Resurgent Russia

: Chris Miller has written an interesting book on the economic development of Russia under Putin. If one allows oneself to sketch roughly, one can say that ordinary Norwegian media coverage of Russia is characterized by a stereotypical way of thinking.

Behind Putin's backdrop

: It is crucial for the Putin regime that more people follow Nistad's call in the last New Age – that people go to the Promised Land to be dazzled and seduced. But behind the scenes, things look different.

Russia's "agents": Civil society and survival

: What happens to Russia's civil society when NGOs are banned due to foreign aid?

One mini-nuclear action in the streets of London

: November 23 was ten years since Alexandr Litvinenko died from polonium poisoning. 

The King of the Kremlin

: A brave Russian voice balances the moral authority of Americans.

Julie, Russia and the narratives

: Russia has become a prisoner of its own great narrative about a hostile West that is looking to defeat them, says Julie Wilhelmsen. She is banned from Russia until 2019.

Putin's power base – unwavering or shaky?

: How does an election take place under a regime that considers democracy a threat to peace and stability?

Chechens gather in protest

: For the first time in several years, Chechens gathered to demonstrate in front of the Storting and outside the Russian embassy: "The fact that the regime is getting worse and that Ny Tid and the Norwegian media are now writing about this means that we are gathering," says one of the protesters.