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Recent art activist projects

activism: The growing part of contemporary art intervenes in ongoing political debates and uses the relative autonomy of art as a starting point for art activist interventions outside the art space.

The scary sound of religion

Fanaticism and extremism arise the moment religion is detached from its cultural and historical background.

Less monitoring, more humanity

Why is surveillance presented as the solution to the terror threat?

After a terror-filled summer

The terrorists are trying to force us into war mode. We must be aware of our role in the theater of terror.

Over-control can lead to radicalization

The government's target figures for the expulsion of illegal immigrants in Norway have led to more and more extensive immigration checks – also by Norwegian citizens. Now, many fear that the controls may lead to increased radicalization among youth. 

Everyday prevention of radicalization

In the past year, the media image was strongly influenced by issues related to terrorist threats, Norwegian foreign warriors and radicalization. Politicians, government and civil society representatives have ...