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Blacklisted workers were denied a job

Lucy Parker: solidarity

CONTROL: Careless bureaucrats, sly employers' organizations and a corrupt police system systematically monitor and blacklist "troublesome" or suspicious workers.

Unrestrained apartheid

Palestine Annex: Israel was quick to portray the Palestinians as carriers of the virus and as a health threat. Today, the Gaza crisis is territorial, demographic, political – and biological.

Worthy and unworthy lives

Judith Butler: The Force of Nonviolence

SIMILARITY: In The Force of Nonviolence, Judith Butler writes that systematic discrimination is the main cause of all violence.

The despair is stronger than hoped

OPTIMISM: By taking positive ideas more seriously, we can give them the same attention that toxic ideologies get today.

Brexit: The price of dishonesty

THE CHALLENGES OF EUROPE: The Brexit chaos seems to culminate in the British leaving the EU – now that the election of Boris Johnson is over. Brexit is the price the British have to pay for not having had an honest discussion about immigration, multiculturalism and the British Empire. But are Britain's problems unique?

When your country is against you

Robert Minervini: What You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire?

BLACK PANTS: Robert Minervini's new documentary depicts civilians in New Orleans and their struggle to survive in a country that has apparently failed them.

Who will own the stories?

Rebecca Solnit: Whose Story Is This?

POWER: Whose Story Is This? encourages each of us to change the world by changing the story we choose to tell and to whom it belongs.

Fascinating about fascism

Roger Griffin Translated by Kjersti Velsand: Fascism. An introduction to comparative studies

IDEOLOGY: Do we know enough about fascism to understand it?

The earth accounts for the politics of capitalism

Brett Story: The Hottest August

URBANIZATION: The Hottest August holds up a mirror that reveals the underlying anxiety of modern survival strategy.

Action against racism!

RACISM: The terrorist attack on the al-Noor mosque in Bærum is another confirmation that organized racism and Muslim hatred encourage and lead to fascist terrorist acts. Have we learned absolutely nothing from July 22, 2011?

The Ritualization of Racism

Kojo Koram: The War on Drugs and the Global Color Line

DRUG POLICY: In Colombia, the use of force by both the drug cartels and the authorities has taken on a ritual effect.

The anti-Nazi who took the world by storm

Henrik Georgsson: Stieg Larsson – The man who played with the fire

MATCH: After his death, Stieg Larsson became world famous for the crime trilogy about Lisbeth Salander, but his life was primarily marked by a tireless struggle to map and uncover the growing movement of neo-Nazism and fascism.

Fiction or reality?

Lisa Halliday: Asymmetry

SEX: Asymmetry highlights stories about gender roles, nationality and power and gives us an unforgettable asymmetrical experience, in both form and content.

Poor people, unite you – across racialization

Sylvie Lawrence: King and the Other America. The Poor People's Campaign and the Quest for Economic Equality

ECONOMIC INequality: In an era where anti-racism is being demarcated as identity politics and white poor are accused of blaming Trump, it is helpful to be reminded of Martin Luther King's attempt to bridge the gap against racism and economic inequality.

Sentenced to prison for his poetry

: TEL AVIV: Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour was arrested and placed under house arrest by Israeli authorities in October 2015. Due to a poem. Well, she's out of house arrest. March 3 she comes to Oslo (at Vega, Salongen).

An explanation of European racism

Akbar Ahmed: Journey into Europe. Islam, Immigration, and Identity

: Islamic scholar tries to understand the background of Muslim conditions in Europe, but the explanation in his analysis is limited.