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Refugee policy: We must act now

Both the Labor Party and the government use children and young people to show the world how strict asylum and refugee policies can be. Strictly, yes – but how on earth can it be called fair?

The dream of Europe

: Born in Syria. Directed / photo: Hernán Zin

The documentary Born in Syria allows us to get to know seven Syrian children and their different routes to and through Europe.

A pattern refugee

Emil Langballe: The Wait.

Rokhsar Sediqi is 14 years, lives with his family in Denmark and has been waiting for a residence permit for four years. But what could have been an important and humane account of her destiny is jarring.

"Stay away, otherwise we treat you like animals"

Eva Orner: Chasing Asylum.

Chasing Asylum provides a timely critical look at Australia's cruel refugee policy.

The fate of the Jesuits

Zahavi Sanjavi Yezidi Girls (Netherlands): The Return (Sweden).

Several thousand Jesuits are still in captivity at ISIS, while others have fled and are struggling with trauma. Three new documentaries illuminate the situation from the victims ', relatives and helpers' perspectives.

Xenophobic asylum doctor at Trandum

"Build a border fence against Sweden – don't wait until the invasion is underway!" The doctor who is considering whether people at Trandum are healthy enough to leave the country is also an active debater on immigration-hostile websites.

Inadequate health care

A large number of suicide attempts, frequent use of isolation and lack of psychiatric follow-up: The health service at Trandum faces both concern and criticism.

"You're not gay" 

It is so absurd to sit in a courtroom where someone is set to "make it probable" their gay behavior – and in many cases is not believed.

Socialism and Freedom – Part II

We bring here another part of Jens Bjørneboe's article series "Socialism and freedom".