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After all, it's just paper?

TRAVEL-ESSAY: Since 2017, my partner Edy Poppy and I have developed an art project, The Personal Meeting with World Politics. We have passed a law against structural violence, which criminalizes the maintenance or profiteering of violent structures. We sued ourselves for breaking our own law. Now it was time for a holiday and we booked a trip to Bulgaria. But we discovered that you can't vacation from the law

Observations from Chiapas

TRAVEL-ESSAY: 25 years after the Zapatist revolution, self-organized rebel communities coexist with Coca-Cola and religion in a surrealistic mix of anarchism and imperialism.

Where white star lions came down from the sky

TRAVEL-ESSAY: The white lions in South Africa became known in the world press in the seventies. But the white man's "discovery" of the white lion has now led these animals to the brink of extinction.

How will humans learn to live together in the world?

What can the West learn from the East and vice versa when it comes to being human? Learning to be Human was the theme of this year's World Conference in Philosophy in China.