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An explanation of European racism

Islamist tries to understand the background of Muslim conditions in Europe, but the explanation in his analysis is limited.

The scary sound of religion

Fanaticism and extremism arise the moment religion is detached from its cultural and historical background.

Overloaded child

Without adults to keep track of their daily lives, a young girl assumes responsibility as the head of the family.

A call for politicization in the Balkans

A new anthology does not ask, but to what extent the religious teaching in the Balkans is politicized. The editors, however, fail to argue what politicization means at all.

Factory and cathedral


Politics in the Age of the Godless

What do we have left in the faithless society – where man will not obey any higher power, but himself be this power? 

Spiritual travel and political power networks

Religious pilgrimage in and outside Iran can never be disconnected from the political. 

Biblical beginnings of journalism

Derrida's juxtaposition of Christianity and modern journalism is thought-provoking, but it is difficult to take the philosopher's ideological criticism of the media as a Christian phenomenon seriously.

The vision of life store has reopened

Have we become more concerned with faith because suddenly there are some Muslims among us?