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resurrection: Asef Bayat tries to challenge the analysis of the Arab Spring (2011) as an unequivocal defeat. He is absolutely right to focus on the space occupation model. Bayat has introduced the term 'refolution' as a description of the uprisings – without reference to the three dominant models of revolution.

How capitalist alienation has assumed form

MEDIA fellowship: An analysis of how human relationships, including language, have been staged. Here in a cool elegance, what Debord himself called "the style of negation."

- I know I was born in a prison. And that's pretty much all I know.

TRAUMA: Born in Evin is the story of a brave young woman seeking the truth about her own past.

Ask everything!

Thinker: William Godwin was one of the most important thinkers of his time, but today he is almost forgotten.

Empire mercenaries

Andrew Thomson has written a captivating book about how Western imperialism has changed in the post-World War II era.

The legacy of anarchism

How did Lenin really think during the Revolutionary years? Tariq Ali brings both news and non-traditional perspectives.

Headwind revolution

VG commentator Frithjof Jacobsen says in the book Project Prime Minister that "modern politics is not about educating the people and seeking adherence to ideological principles, but about trying to understand what answers people want to hear"