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From silence we have come, to silence we shall be

… And only by silence can we be resurrected. 

Beyond the art room

The novel can be a helpful tool as we explore new ways of viewing art. 

A tear for Kurdistan

The Death Washer is a well-written and painful novel that continues the debate about circumcision and violence against women – and it deserves all the prizes it can get. 

The triumph of the cartoon characters

In his usual detailed style, Salman Rushdie investigates what has gone wrong in the United States over the past nine years.

The fire at the end of the journey

Imaginative genre mix dominates Salman Rushdie's latest novel The Golden House.

A third-generation refugee returns home

Despite all the conflicting feelings about the traces of Nazi Germany, American-Jewish Deborah Feldman feels for the first time at home.

The noble art of lying

In Werner Sonne's new political thriller, fake and facts turn into a higher and most frightening entity.

A hundred years of patience

Anarchy in The UKR takes the reader on a dreamy journey from the revolution in 1917 to today's conflict in eastern Ukraine. 

Swedish states of mind

Johannes Anyuru's virtuoso novel asks deeply uncomfortable questions about the effects of counter-terrorism.

Escape and love

"Location, location, location," says the real estate agents. Geography is destiny, historians respond. ”From Exit West

Out of the shade

A General Theory of Oblivion highlights Angola's bloody history.