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The Swedish top boss

Petr Horký: The Russian Job

: ...

The sweet side of life

Staffan Julen: LYUBOV – Love in Russian

: Lyubov – Love in Russian is a lyrical journey into the Russian soul.

Machine gun as a stick

Adela Komrzy: Teaching War

: This timely warning against remilitarization of societies and educational institutions in Europe was recorded as a result of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

To imprison a director

Askold Kurov: The Trial: The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov

: Doubts about the question of guilt emerge in the dialogue between director Askold Kurov and Vladimir Putin: It is not even clear what crimes Oleg Sentsov is said to have committed.

Travel letter from Crimea – one year after

: We rejoice with the people of Crimea that the gloomy image presented in the Western media does not correspond to reality.

2000 miles of lost lives

Stanislaw Mucha: Kolyma: Road of Bones

: Kolyma: Road of Bones is a reminder of the suffering Stalin's regime inflicted on the Russian people.

Many Stalinists of today

Jessica Gorter: The Red Soul

: Through interviews, observations and archive films, we gain insight into the marvelous and widespread cult of Stalin in today's Russia.

Alternative Crimean history

Vladimir Konstantinov: To Go One's Own Way

: On the secession from Ukraine and the West's sanctions seen through the eyes of Crimea.

Person cult and left-wing radicalism

Dmitry Bogolubov: The Wall

: On December 21, every year, an endless number of Russians lay down red carnations to pay tribute to their hero Josef Stalin. But who lays down carnations for the millions he made sure to kill?

Which right?

Askold Kurov: The Trial: The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov.

: The documentary about the trial of Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov provides an insight into a still hopeless judiciary in Russia.

Magnitsky Acts alternative facts 

: Ny Tid has gone through official Russian investigations, autopsy reports and police interrogations and checked the facts against the message in The Magnitsky Act. The allegations in the film are in direct contrast to the Russian authorities' own findings. 

Tortured and killed after being denied asylum in Norway

Torture: Despite warnings, Chechen Apti and Umar were denied asylum and had to leave Norway. The Helsinki Committee and the Memorial say the two were tortured and killed by the Chechen authorities. Are the Norwegian authorities responsible for their subsequent death after denying them political asylum?