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Russia without Putin

RUSSIA: One day Putin will leave the Kremlin – but that will not change anything, writes Tony Wood in his book on power and continuity in today's Russia, in which he attacks several well-known myths.

The art of keeping the people down

THE AUTHORITY: Authoritarian leaders only follow the Constitution as long as they profit from it.

150 years after Lenin's birth

ORIENTERING MAY 1, 1970: The world over will mark the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth. Today, Lenin is a historical leading figure for rebellious people in the world's poorest peasant countries, writes Hans Fredrik Dahl in this article, emphasizing Lenin's role as dialectical revolutionary, politician and journalist rather than theorist and philosopher.

On paved paths

COMMENT: Could our military and political leaders wake up and take hold of a fate far more serious than the pandemic that has hit the world?

Wild West conditions in 90's Russia

oligarchs: Is former Yukos chief and one of Russia's powerful oligarchs, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a villain or a dissident?

When Sweden was deceived

ENEMY IMAGES: What do we really know about hidden activities, power games and secret submarine operations in Swedish waters?

Sewing together a fragmented reality

Collage: "Nobody hates Trump more than Trump" claims he hates himself, but the allegation is unfounded.

Is a new Cold War coming?

Should we dig down, or should we find maps and compasses? asks the leader of Norway's Peace Team, Kari Anne Ness.

Gorbachev – one of the largest

Gorbachev:> / b> Meeting Gorbachev is a close and engaging portrait of the man who inadvertently provided the impetus for the fall of the Soviet Union, and who still advocates disarmament and cooperation.

The Swedish top boss


The sweet side of life

Lyubov – Love in Russian is a lyrical journey into the Russian soul.

Machine gun as a stick

This timely warning against the remilitarization of societies and teachings in Europe was recorded as a result of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

To imprison a director

The doubts surrounding the guilt issue appear in the dialogue between director Askold Kurov and Vladimir Putin: It is not even clear what crimes Oleg Sentsov should have committed.

Travel letter from Crimea – one year after

We are pleased with the people of Crimea that the bleak picture presented in Western media does not match reality.

2000 miles of lost lives

Kolyma: Road of Bones is a reminder of the suffering Stalin's regime inflicted on the Russian people.

Many Stalinists of today

Through interviews, observations and archive films we gain insight into the marvelous and widespread Stalin worship in today's Russia.