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Russia's problems with the transition of power

Ekaterina Schulmann: The Russian Political System in Transition

NERVOUS ELITE: The Russian elite is preparing for a change of power in 2024. The elite is struggling with declining legitimacy among ordinary people, but so far the people's dissatisfaction is reflected in apathy.

Inept leaders

ESSAY: Why are these overgrown leaders so hairy – like China, Russia, and America under Trump?

Can the INF agreement be saved by extension?

DISARMAMENT: With the Trump administration's termination of the INF agreement, the world seems to be losing an important framework for weapons control and nuclear disarmament. The danger of new rearmament is immediate. But what if the agreement is continued in a new and more ambitious version?

War is war

Elena Volochine, James Keogh: Oleg's Choice

: FIVE YEARS AFTER: There is little hero worship or Russian propaganda to be traced in Oleg's Choice – a documentary that shows the everyday lives of Russian soldiers and volunteers fighting in Ukraine.

The conflict in Ukraine

Sergei Loznitsa: Donbass

: Loznitsa's film explores disputes over facts raging in the Donbass, between Ukraine and the Russia – backed People's Republic of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

Everyday challenges in a pro-Russian battalion in Ukraine

: Their Own Republic caused a bit of a stir at the Lisbon Film Festival last year, due to the film's somewhat pro-Russian stance. Nevertheless, it provides an interesting insight into a side of the Ukrainian conflict that is rarely mentioned in Western media.

No more Russian heroes

Alexander Rastorgujev: Electing Russia

: Electing Russia sheds a depressing light on the opposition in Russia. Do they really represent a real change, for the benefit of the people?

Europe needs security for Russia, and security with Russia

: What can the Western bloc do to improve the cool relationship with the great power in the east, asks Manfred Huterer, diplomat at the German embassy in Warsaw. Is an open dialogue and mutual respect between the West and Russia possible?

From prosthetic to dictator

Vitaly Man: Putin's Witnesses

: In Putin's Witnesses, we follow Putin's path to power in Russia, and see how early promises of a free press end in full rejection of democratic rules.

Fake news = false reality

Maxim Pozdorovkin: Our New President

: A new documentary looks at Trump's election campaign and the significance of fake news through Russian media clips.

What does NATO really want?

: According to our government, the major NATO exercise taking place in Central Norway these days will give us a sense of security. But does the course NATO has staked out in recent years give a sense of security?

About Donald, Vladimir and…

Timothy Snyder: The Road to Unfreedom

: Timothy Snyder is convincing in his explanation of how our worldview has been replaced by a "national understanding".