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2. Not to make a pact with Putin

Where Khodorkovsky eventually succumbs to the pressure and enters into an agreement with Putin, Nemtsov cannot be compromised. We know the result.

The documentary filmmaker who had learned the lesson say

Revealing documentary about Kadyrov's Chechnya, or propaganda film in favor of Putin's Russia? Our reviewer thinks the latter.

Why I traveled to Chechnya

It is risky to travel to places where torture and murder take place. As a journalist, one can quickly become unwanted – and attacked. Just this happened on my trip in Chechnya.

When freedom of speech becomes war propaganda

What happens when it is no longer possible to distinguish between news reporting and propaganda? Russian media's spread of hatred in eastern Ukraine has become a significant part of the war machinery. 

NATO shows muscle

Will the doomsday clock move closer to twelve? Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons, and NATO is now arming along Russia's borders. 

Ukraine – a new banana republic?

Well over NOK 100 billion is stolen annually from the state budget by corrupt service personnel. The Ukrainian population is becoming poorer – but one exception to the trend is Ukraine's sixth richest man, President Petro Poroshenko.

Norwegian newspaper hacked after Ny Tid article

The newspaper The Nordic Page, which disseminates Norwegian news in English, was attacked and hacked. It happened after they had published part of the Ny Tid case about two Chechens who were found tortured and killed after they were sent out of Norway.

Russian nuclear weapons in Crimea?

Former political prisoner and dissident Mustafa Dzhemilev tells Ny Tid about the fight against the occupation of Crimea, his relationship with Russia and why he received the Nansen Medal. Today, he is the political leader of the 280 Crimean Tatar ethnic group. 

Was it Russia? – Ukraine is sued

Why is Borge Brende so confident that it was Russia that shot down the Malaysian passenger plane in 2014? 

Chechens gather in protest

For the first time in several years, Chechens gathered to demonstrate in front of the Storting and outside the Russian embassy: "That the regime is getting worse and that Ny Tid and the Norwegian media are now writing about this means that we are gathering," says one of the protesters. 

Bengt Jangfeldts: A Russian History

Ole Robert Sunde follows folk artist Bengt Jangfeldt's futuristic journey along the Soviet 1970 century.

Kosovo is brewing for change

After seven years of independence, Kosovo remains a society in crisis. A new book places the responsibility of a corrupt elite – and its Western allies.

Sentenced to escape in his own country

Ljudmila Rogova fled to Norway from Russia after being subjected to serious hate crime based on her sexual orientation. The Norwegian authorities and the Oslo District Court refer her to internment in Russia.

Russia gets rid of foreign warriors

Russian authorities have opened the borders to extremists who want to travel to Syria to war. If they change their mind and want to go home, they are severely punished. This tactic was supposed to cause fewer extremists in the Caucasus, but has led to increased recruitment – across the country.

About real and imaginary threats to Norway

Continued refugee flows, jihadism and increasing resource scarcity could lead to a long-term economic decline, says Helge Lurås.

The Slavko Curuvija killing: A dry and dangerous media landscape

SERBIA: An ongoing lawsuit in Serbia lays brutal assaults on freedom of the press and freedom of speech under the Milosevic regime. It also places a critical spotlight on today's Serbian media landscape.