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Sartre in Norwegian

: Jean Paul Sartre is called the most important thinker in post-war Europe. Based on two Sartre books – Walter Biehmels Sartre (Cappelen) and Jean Paul Sartre: Politiske skrifter. In selection by Dag Østerberg (PAX) – university lecturer Audun Øfsti gives an introduction to Sartre's writing, his critique of dogmatic Marxism in which he clears space for existentialism and his analysis of the concepts of class, collective, state, as presented in the essay Patrice Lumumba: A Political Portrait.

A story of our wasted time

Sarah Bakewell: Existentialisterna. A story of freedom, being and apricot cocktails

: The Existentialists stared at the emptiness in the white eye – and still tried to preserve their humanity. Göran Rosenberg reads a brilliant story about a bunch of philosophers who remain relevant even today.

Marxist alienation and post-anarchism

: Dag Østerberg published this month the book From Marx 'to Recent Capital Criticism. We use the opportunity to address Marx in a critical way – with topics such as alienation, competitive societies, and the role of anarchism and intellectuals now.