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Seducers love majority decisions

Kristoffer Momrak, Johan Huizinga, Aristotle, translated by Tormod Eide, Hannah Arendt translated by Per Qvale Solum, Kojin Karatani: The Metropolises of the Middle East, The Destroyed World, Politics, About Revolutions, Isonomia and the Origins of Philosophy

IDEA HISTORY: Is Greece more of a cultural periphery in the Middle East than the origin of our modern democracy? Aristotle believed that the Phoenicians in Carthage, like the law – isonomia – had a better democracy than Athens – the so-called cradle of democracy.

To talk about death

Birgitta Haga Gripsrud, Lisbeth Thoresen: Everything that lives must die. Death as an interdisciplinary field of knowledge

DEATH: The way we die means a lot on the last page of life. This anthology gives a good impression of how we talk about death in today's society.

The timelessness of globalization

Dag Herbjørnsrud: Global Knowledge. Renaissance for a new enlightenment

: Herbjørnsrud has written a very important book about the most important political phenomenon of our time – but a book for the few.