Theater of Cruelty


Ibsen's "abnormal" female figures

WOMEN: On the occasion of Women's Day on March 8, MODERN TIMES prints here, in reflection on the changing times, an excerpt from Eivind Tjønneland's new book «Abnormal» women – Henrik Ibsen and the decadence. Ibsen's dramas were described in 1893 as written for hysterical women, male masochists and the mentally retarded.

PIER PAOLO PASOLINI: A long plan-sequence: film and reality

PASOLINI: 100 years: On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini (March 5, 1922), MODERN TIMES has chosen to print an essay on a theme between power and the oppressed – as it is throughout his large film production.

Why does Islam need a sexual revolution?

ISLAM: In a time when fear of Islam is spreading, Seyran Ates writes that Islam needs a sexual revolution to gain respect from the world community.

Born in the wrong booth

SEXUALITY: In the book American Boys, we see portraits of transgender reality, which are rooted in society's basic mistaken notion of gender and sexuality.

Viva la vagina!

The #FEMALE PLEASURE documentary unveils the demonization of the female body and breaks the silence of female sexuality.

A perverted artist portrait?

The documentary The Artist & The Pervert does not tell much about Georg Friedrichs Haas' microtonal contemporary music, but all the more about his sadomasochistic relationship with his wife.

The price of freedom

The sexuality of Lebanese Danielle Arbid's films is an expression of protest, struggle and rebellion against taboos.