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Why does Islam need a sexual revolution?

Seyran Ateş. Translated by Kari Bolstad: Islam needs a sexual revolution

ISLAM: At a time when the fear of Islam is spreading, Seyran Ates writes that Islam needs a sexual revolution to gain respect from the world community.

Born in the wrong booth

Soraya Zaman: American Boys

SEXUALITY: In the book American Boys, we see portraits of the transsexual reality, which is rooted in society's fundamentally wrong perception of gender and sexuality.

Viva la vagina!

Barbara Miller Switzerland: #FEMALE PLEASURE

: The documentary #FEMALE PLEASURE reveals the demonization of the female body and breaks the silence around female sexuality.

A perverted artist portrait?

Beatrice Behn and René Gebhardt: The Artist & The Pervert

: The documentary The Artist & The Pervert does not tell much about Georg Friedrichs Haas' microtonal contemporary music, but all the more about his sadomasochistic relationship with his wife.

The price of freedom

: Danielle Arbid

: The sexuality of Lebanese Danielle Arbid's films is an expression of protest, struggle and rebellion against taboos.