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A crescendo of anxiety

Michal Bielawski: The Wind. A Documentary Thriller

THE TATRA MOUNTAINS: The Wind is an evocative portrait of nature's incredible power and its touch of human life.

The hidden fascism

Natasha Lennard: Being Numerous: Essays on Non-Fascist Life

: FASCISM: Is it possible to live a non-fascist life in a society built on fascist power structures?

It's good to be kind to yourself and others

Daniel Jackson (foreword by David A. Karp): Portraits of Resilience

: A computer science professor at the elite university MIT suddenly found himself surrounded by depression and suicide. It made him collect portraits of those who almost went to the bottom, but who reappeared.

I want to go home to the animals

Jung Young-moon: A Most Ambiguous Sunday and Other Stories

: Suicide plays a significant role in Chinese Young-moon.

The only possible form of dignity

Rong Guang Rong: Children are not Afraid of Death, Children are Afraid of Ghosts.

: The story of four siblings' tragic suicide is basically about poverty in the Chinese countryside.