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The guardianless faces

Ali Abbasi: holy spider

IRAN: This is a political film that has chosen the thriller genre to exercise sharp social criticism against Iran. Like many of today's protesters in the country, the people behind the film were met with death threats and hate messages from the Iranian regime.

The power of 20 years of propaganda

911: How can it be that a man like Spike Lee believed so strongly that New York's Twin Towers and Building 7 were taken down with explosives that he wanted to spend the last 30 minutes of his documentary series exploring, if not defending, such a view? ?

Big brother hears your music

David Verbeek: SHORT MOVIE: Trapped in The City of a Thousand Mountains

HIPHOP CENSORSHIP: The rappers in the Chinese city of Chongqing are influenced by government censorship.

Sentenced to prison for his poetry

: TEL AVIV: Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour was arrested and placed under house arrest by Israeli authorities in October 2015. Due to a poem. Well, she's out of house arrest. March 3 she comes to Oslo (at Vega, Salongen).

Social control 4.0

: China's digital social credit system operates with a form of gamified control, which rewards users while scoring points for online and offline behavior. By 2020, the Chinese authorities plan to establish a nationwide system. Western commentators react with disgust, but is our own social media really that much better?

The Invisible Facebook Moderators

Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck: The Cleaners

: The "cleaning helpers" of the global social media platforms live in harsh societies and in relatively disorderly conditions compared to those they clean up after.

Free movie – or?

: Film censorship in its current form must go away. This is the background for the start of Foreningen Fri Film, says editor Bjørn Bjørnsen Orientering.

Pussy Riot: "We're All Pioneers"

: Censorship can gag, but it can also give art an unintentional explosive power.

The free word – Socialism and freedom part III

: We bring here the third and final part of Jens Bjørneboe's series of articles Socialism and Freedom