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tax haven

Jersey – the heart of darkness

Whistleblowing: Double roles with politicians, regulators and bank directors are common in Jersey. We bring here a personal warning story about the fight against tax havens and corruption.

The top of an iceberg

TAX: Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, LuxLeaks and FinCEN provide a clue to the global scope of "tax planning".

Captivating about the theft from the public purse

Alex Winter: The Panama Papers

: The Panama Papers appears as a captivating thriller about the worldwide fraud that led to a multi-billion dollar tax evasion.

Britain's hidden empire

Michael Oswald: The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire

: The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (2017) charts how the British elite has created a shockingly diverse economic system, through the creation of tax havens around the world. This is a movie all ordinary taxpayers should watch.

African problem – global solutions

: When more than a billion kroner disappears in illegal capital flight from Africa every single day, it is a problem that requires international cooperation. 

Two Panama Vaccines for Business

: With leaked documents, the world has been shown a stark side of the activities of politicians and wealthy individuals, which is about the secrets of tax havens and money derived from corruption, tax evasion and other economic crime.