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The difficult history of anarchism

Ruth Kinna: The Government of No One. The Theory and Practice of Anarchism

ANARCHISM: Typical anarchist struggles such as the eight-hour day, access to contraception, liberalization of marriage law and access to military denial have largely been successful. But where does anarchism stand today?

Student rebellion in Brazil


ACTIVISM: Increased collective rates affecting the poor in São Paulo became the start of a student-led protest movement.

Raus's film about a viable protest gymnast

Elsa Kvamme: rebellion school

: A bold, Norwegian-born experiment turned distrustful sixties youth into high school leaders with influence far beyond national borders.

Machine gun as a stick

Adela Komrzy: Teaching War

: This timely warning against remilitarization of societies and educational institutions in Europe was recorded as a result of Russia's annexation of Crimea.