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Presented as solidarity actions

War: In the ongoing conflict between Russia and the West in Ukraine, social democrats, social liberals and green politicians have been among the most ardent supporters of war and confrontational politics. And when "solidarity" becomes a tool for warmongers, the political right can become a strategic ally.

EU economic recovery plan

NEXT GENERATIONEU: After prolonged covid-19 restrictions, a revitalization of the economy is high on the political agenda. The EU's comeback strategy is an economic recovery plan with 750 billion euros in grants and loan repayments. Are we heading into a federal era? And what lasting ecological measures can be taken in a fast, goal-focused turnaround operation?

United States of America?

Slavenka Drakulic: Café Europa Revisited

pandemic: How coordinated or in solidarity is Europe really?

The pandemic will create a new world order

Mike Davis: According to activist and historian Mike Davis, in wild reservoirs, such as bats, up to 400 types of coronavirus are just waiting to be transmitted to other animals and humans.

An accurate portrayal of the EU crisis

EUROPE: Is it now a matter of developing a kind of European solidarity, or have we become space polygamy?

"When we act, we create reality."

CHRONICLE: Is there any reason to rejoice over the arrest of Julian Assange?

A life of solidarity

THE PROPHET: The Polish historian, author and Solidarity man Karol Modzelewski was written off as a hopeless romantic in his protests against welfare cuts and privatization of the industry. When we see the developments in the political debate in recent years, his warnings seem prophetic.

Greece: Bright spots in a sea of ​​misery

: Across the crisis-stricken Greece, solidarity clinics have emerged that are crucial to hundreds of thousands of Greeks.

Grass root in Greek

: A solidarity network in Greece may appear optimistic – but they have no other choice.

Solidarity project starts in Norway

: A broad solidarity campaign with the Greek people has got an uplifting start, according to the LO leader.