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South Korea

When viruses go viral

INFO DEME: A study of the corona virus, conspiracy theories and fake news in the disinformation ecosystem.

On the health loose for the fatherland

MILITARY SERVICE: Kelvin Kyung Only Parks Army offers an insight into South Korea's first-ever service, where the individual is given a collective identity.

North and South Korea can come together – with Russia's help

In recent months, talks have been held between Russia and South Korea to establish new and peaceful development processes in the area. 

Time to see Korea

It has been completely under the radar of Western media that there has just been a revolution in South Korea.

12 questions to our new Foreign Minister

Today's flare-up of the nuclear war threat has again put Korea on the agenda. For 67 years, the Korea Peninsula has been in a devastating war involving the world's great powers.

Wind, water and birds

In an increasingly urban world, Florence Williams has set out to find out what different sensory impressions do with our well-being.