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Experiences with death

Shelley F. Knight Jon Hunt: Good grief

SORROW: This book pretends that we are together about something that every single person is basically really alone about.

It turns on some alarm bells with me

Shelley F. Knight Jon Hunt: Good grief

SORROW: With the book Good Grief, Shelley F. Knight has sympathetically set out to write a work that will help her reader understand and process grief.

Grief is how we feel – when a loss is a fact (watch the movie here)

Andrea Culková: Žal Žen (Grief / Sorg)

ECO FILM: Extinction Rebellion is a fast-growing protest movement. They are in favor of transforming the love of nature and the rage over politicians' passivity into collective action. But what about the political potential of grief?

About being attentive and taking the lot of things

CY Frostholm: Træmuseet

TREES: Through a conversation with trees, the author of the book becomes wiser about his relationship to loneliness, vulnerability and the grief over the disappearance of things.

Grief's existential interest

Svend Brinkmann: The grieving animal

: SORROW: Grief is rediscovered as a ritual thinking practice.