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The peculiar forms of repression in the Soviet Union

IDEOLOGY: MODERN TIMES brings, due to today's attention to Russia, a look at the Soviet Union 50 years ago. In the book from 1972, Herbert Marcuse describes and assesses the conditions, condition and possibilities of the Soviet Union – and Soviet Marxism as an ideology.

The military commanders wanted to annihilate the Soviet Union and China, but Kennedy stood in the way

Military: We focus on American Strategic Military Thinking (SAC) from 1950 to the present. Will the economic war be supplemented by a biological war?

Portal to another time

: Once upon a time, the dilapidated hotel on Lake Sevan in Armenia was a fashionable place for Soviet writers. On the way into the driveway it has been 1962.

Soviet espionage via Finland: – I taught Finns on espionage and sabotage against the Soviet

: MODERN TIMES July 30, 1977: Today he appears in Ny Tid. Former captain and major Svein Blindheim. During the war a prominent member of the company Linge.

A hundred years of patience

Serjij Zjadan: Anarchy in the UKR

: Anarchy in The UKR takes the reader on a dreamy journey from the revolution in 1917 to the current conflict in Eastern Ukraine. 

30 years in the service of peace

: Propaganda, manipulation and other psychological means are invaluable in both war and foreign policy strategies.